Leg Cramps

This morning, I had leg cramps. 😦 I couldn’t barely walk. I realize that this is because yesterday’s footwork. I do many kinds of workout, but the one I had yesterday was harder on my feet and knees. 😀

Cramps on legs should not prevent us from continuing the workout. It is normal. When I first try bellydance, I had cramps on my shoulders, arms, back, and belly. It was really uncomfortable. But just hold on and when the crams gone, do it all over again 😀

Okay, for cramps on legs, we can relieve it faster by doing some simple stretching. As you can see on the picture, we can do it by the wall (everywhere has walls :D). After doing that position, slowly push our chest to the wall, and keep the feet flat on the floor. Push as far as you can, but stop at the position where the pain is unbearable. Do it about 10 times (very simple and it’s only about 2 minutes), and then you stop. Right after you finished the stretching, the pain will extremely reduce. But do please invest 2 minutes of your time every 6 hours to stretch, until the cramps are really gone.

I did the stretching once already and I can walk better 😀 — Alhumdulillah!! Woohoo! — I can’t wait for the cramps to be gone, so I can do the workout again 😀

  1. #1 by miki on November 25, 2010 - 10:39 pm

    you got cramps and you still wanna do the exercise..
    itu namanya semangat pantang menyerah..

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