Enjoy Your Coffee. Be Grateful..

Reading a blog-post from a brother. I am grateful, for Allah subhana wa taala always reminds me, my life has been good. I should not complain of anything.

I ‘ll try to write his post in English (the best way I can) 🙂

A group of university alumni who have become established in their career came together to visit their old professor. Conversation soon occured and it led into complaints about their stressful work and lives.

Offering coffee to his guests, the professor went to the kitchen and came back with a large amount of coffee along with many kinds of cups; porcelain, plactic, crystal, glass, expensive and many more beautifully made cups, and he told his guests to pour their own coffee.

After every of his former students had a coffee on their hands, the professor then said: “If you all noticed, all the pretty and expensive cups are taken, what is left are only cheap and regular cups. Eventhough it is normal for all of you to want only the best for yourselves, but honestly that is the source of your problems and stress that you all are having.”

Make sure that the cup itself doesn’t affect the quality of the coffee. In many cases, it is just more expensive and in many other cases it hides what it is you are drinking. What you truly want is coffee, not the cup, but your awareness led you pick the best cup and then start to look at other’s cups.

Now think about it: our hearts is just like the coffee, and our jobs, money, and position are the cups. Many times, for being concentrating too much on the cups, we fail to enjoy te coffee.

The real life if your hearts. Do you feel happy and peaceful? Do you love and being loved by your friends and family? Do you have no bad thoughts of others and not angered easily? Are you being patience, generous, polite, and unselfish?
Only your hearts and Allah subhana wa taala know the real answer.

But if you want to enjoy the coffee, not the cup, the true happiness will have more control of yourselves rather than glamourous things like your jobs, money and positions.

Barakallahu Fikum

(Quoted from a book borrowed from Mbah)

The message is, no matter how your life is compared to everyone else’s, just enjoy it, and be grateful for it. We may try to have better lives, but not by being ungrateful for everything we had been given.

Happiness is choice. Being grateful for what we have now will make we deserve even greater blessings.

And remember when your Lord proclaimed, “If you are grateful, I will give you more (favours), and if you are ungrateful then (know that) My punishment is severe.” [QS Ibrahim (14) : 7 ]

  1. #1 by mona on December 11, 2010 - 9:28 pm

    bener dek, Allah marah sekali dengan orang2 yang tidak bersyukur.
    bahkan kita diusir dan disuruh pergi..

    • #2 by rialive on December 11, 2010 - 10:50 pm

      iya kak..
      ..Dan jika kamu tidak mau menerima kehendakKU maka pergilah dari kolong langitKU dan carilah Tuhan selain AKU….
      Itu hadits qudsi atau gimana kak?
      ria lupa..

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