I Blog Therefore I’m Grateful

Alhamdulillah, praise only be to Allah, The Owner Of All Hearts, The Painter Of All Beauty, The Director Of All The Real Non-Fake Reality Show.

Yes, it is funny how I then decided to blog, almost two months ago. Since then, many have had happened. But what I’m grateful the most is, when Allah guide me to stumble on sisterswhoblog.com network. I am truly grateful. Alhamdulillah…

This network is a place for every muslima blogger around the world to gather on sisterhood, and support each other. I met from smart, pretty, pious, good-cook, crafty, (of course, one sister have more than one of these :lol:) many more sisters! Thank you so much for sister Amber Misk for all her hardwork putting us together. May Allah rewards her good.

Not only that, sister Amber also held an event!! 2010 Best Blog Award! How cool is that! SubhanAllah! This event is not actually a competition, it is more like inspiring all the sisters to keep writing and be creative..

So, I hope the vent went well. I am not good at campaign, I know.. I’m sorry sister Amber 😥 But I’m seriously thanking you for creating this network. So, even though I might not win The Best New Blog Category (ah yes, I am nominated for this category :D), I now have many  new sisters and many links on my link page to visit. I am a winner already, alhamdulillah.

Thank you sister, Amber.


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