I Love Sunsets

I love sunsets. And eventhough I can’t sit and enjoy the moment everyday, because Allah has commanded us to pray when the sun sets down, still, whenever I can, I try to enjoy it. Sometimes I take pictures. Still the beauty on pictures is not the same 😀 No pictures can replace the real beauty of sunsets, I wish see more sunsets in my life Amin..

10 years ago, when I was still in university, I attended a religious lecture held by FSI (Forum Studi Islam/Islamic Studies Forum), — some kind of MSA 😉 –. The speaker was a lecturer in Chemistry Department, Mr. Fahmi, may Allah bless him. He has his own unique way to remind himself how Great Allah subhana wa taala is, and how important for us to do prayers. He explained how wudhu (ablution) and times of prayers mean so much to him. And for me, the sunset lover, what he said about maghrib time, stays inside my mind until now.

Being grateful and pray when we wake up early in the morning, for Allah subhana wa taala still grant us another day to fix our mistakes and do good deeds, is his contemplation for fajr prayer.

Stop himself among the rush hour of life’s demand, cleanse and soothe himself by wudhu. To have a rest and remember that Allah subhana wa taala is Rich, so he stops for a while on the rat-race, and let go all of his burden to The Owner Of All Things, Who Controls his rizq (sustenance), his contemplation in zuher pray.

What is for ashr? I forget 😥

Isha? As the last prayer of the day, it is possibly his last time for obligatory prayer. Probably he will not have the chance to do another fajr. He will never know. It is the time for asking forgiveness for all his mistakes and weaknesses, time to be thankful for all the happiness and the blessing.

And maghrib!

Have you ever see the beauty of sunsets? The peacefulness it brings. The colours. It is just amazing ❗ Sunsets has been being the object of photography, poetry, songs, etc. The beauty is priceless. Hypnotizing and will never bore you.

It is the time to praise Allah for the perfect beauty on earth. The perfectness that is even nothing.. nothing compare to what He promised for the believers. Subhanallah. To be reminded even when the beauty on this life is so tempting, Allah must come first.

When I watched the sunset on the beach, it makes me feel so small, powerless. The ocean is so huge and yet it is only a small part of the universe. Where does that put me? Makes me realize that I am nothing. And without Allah’s mercy… I’m worst than nothing. Nauzubillah.. Our everything is nothing when Allah does not Love us. Ya Rabb, please love us..

But still, if the call comes, no matter how hypnotizing the temptation is, no matter how busy, no matter how tired, one must leave everything behind and stand there, surrender everything, in the hands of Allah.

I think it is okay to have our own contemplation to upgrade the position of prayers in our lives. So we will not pray like a robot, and we will not delay. To remind ourselves that prayers are not our liability, they are our needs.

So there, sunset makes me emotional. Maghrib, too.. What about you, guys? Can you share with me? 😀

  1. #1 by Me on January 3, 2011 - 11:54 am

    my beautiful sister’s shadow background of beautiful sunset 🙂

  2. #2 by UmmUmarNY on December 30, 2010 - 1:10 pm

    Ok rialive… I’m so confused!!!! ..you better explain yourself.. LOL 🙂

    • #3 by rialive on December 30, 2010 - 2:25 pm

      I will do it inshaAllah, in your facebook inbox..
      InshaAllah ..


  3. #4 by UmmUmarNY on December 30, 2010 - 8:24 am

    MashaAllah, what a nice post!! I also love sunsets… it is only natural for a woman also raised with the blue of the ocean and palm trees to enjoy and learn to appreciate the beauty of sunsets!!! We (you and me) are quite lucky I must say, since only a few of us can understand such “magic”…

    Now, as Muslims, this time of the day, as it is the time for Fajr (and believe me… the colors in the sky at Fajr time are also quite breathtaking!!!… but how many of us will be by the ocean at that time!! LOL) holds a special meaning… Nabi(saws) said (words to the effect): If you knew what the time for Fajr holds… you would never miss it!!

    These two times during the day are the times of the “change in shifts” for the angels… The angels of the day return to the heavens while the angels of the night arrive with whatever tasks and duties they are given. This is why these times are most auspicious for the acceptance of Duaas!! Maghrib time though has its own special traits… for it is during this time also that the Shayateen and all the creatures of the night come out… also with their devious and mischievous duties… This is why Nabi(saws) exhorted us to not allow women and children to be outside during this time… especially without their heads uncovered!!! There is wisdom in everything that has been taught to us by Allah and His Rasool(saws)!!!

    So as we enjoy in the beauty of such a time… and admire and remember Allah(swt) Signs and favors upon us… we must also realize what in fact is happening all around us… oblivious to our sight, but indeed a truly busy and fantastic scene of Allah’s Power upon us!!!

    • #5 by rialive on December 30, 2010 - 10:22 am

      SubhanAllah, what an amazing comment!
      This should be a post on its own, Umm Umar.
      I agree with everything you said 100%.
      I never saw Fajr time on the ocean 😥
      My friends years ago wants to take me hiking to catch up with it, but my father didnt let me come (at that time, i was a man, my name was John, long story *LOL*)
      I did, however, had sleep-overs on my university few times, but i missed the early appearance -still pretty though -, and at that time, the coolest cell phone was nokia 8210 (no camera *lol*)

      And as you can see in the picture, it was soooo near from my house, 3 minutes walking, and also visible from the 2nd floor, alhamdulillah.
      But yes, praying and nawafil prayer after maghrib is time consuming, too, and has its own blessing ♥ I read the hadith that says sunnah activities after maghrib equals the worshipping for 12 years, and also one that says we will get a house in el janna << some also says that these are weak hadith.
      But no matter what the reward is, it is a special time indeed!! MashaAllah!! Allah is Rich!

      Thank you for sharing, Umm Umar!

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