Souvenirs From Prabu

Few day ago, a friend of mine, Prabu, came home from Borneo Island. He is an anthropologist (wow, sounds scary, huh?!). He went there to do research about how people live there, I guess. Indonesia consists of approximately 17,000 islands, thousands of cultures and languages, 5 major religions, so there will not be enough lifetime to study and explore them all. Hmm, I love my country. If you know Indonesian, you can read his blog, Anthropolicious.

So, he came home and brought me some souvenirs. The first one is a purse with Dayak pattern made from beads.

And then, a keychain, also made from beads. Prabu said it is an alligator, but it looks like a lizard, right?

The keychain is red, so I can put it next to my oriental one. They can be friends 😀

Thank you, Prabu 😀

  1. #1 by prabu on January 24, 2011 - 10:30 pm shared my blogs link in you super famous page :))

    Meme: iya me ada buat meme dan iin juga, lusa kami ngumpul sama iin nanti prabu titip ke kak ria atw iin deh 🙂

    • #2 by rialive on January 24, 2011 - 10:46 pm

      LOL @ super famous page
      okeh okeh… gantungan kunci cicak untuk meme.. 😀

    • #3 by Me on January 25, 2011 - 11:34 am

      alhamdulillah.. horeeeee…. \(^^)/

    • #4 by rialive on January 25, 2011 - 1:17 pm

      akhirnya dapat juga 😀

  2. #5 by Bluepearl on January 24, 2011 - 5:38 pm

    wow, those are certainly beautiful – the first one looks similar to native south african bracelets ( i have one resembling the south african flag)…its stunning. You deserve it after all – you have great charisma and Im sure a valued friend.
    PS: was wondering what happened to you – you went quiet for a while, its great to have you back:)

    • #6 by rialive on January 24, 2011 - 6:23 pm

      They are pretty, mashaAllah!
      I dont know about charisma *LOL* but alhamdulillah my friends are all so kind..
      Have you ever posted the picture?
      Can you give me the link 🙂 ?
      It’s goood to be back posting too..
      Alhamdulillah eventhough i never posted you still remember me..

  3. #7 by melisa on January 24, 2011 - 4:11 pm

    gantungan kunci utk me yang kata prabu tu gambar buaya jg k?

    • #8 by rialive on January 24, 2011 - 4:40 pm

      Gak tau kk me…
      kl gantungan kunci utk dedek ukiran dayak, me…
      mintalah me, nanti lupa si prabu 😀

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