Be Your Own Change

Yesterday, I wrote about the importance of prayers,how highly important it is in our lives as muslims. And to build the sense of awareness on our subconcious needs time and emotional investment. But it is worth it, inshaAllah. Allah subhana wa taala is the owner of all hearts, it is Him that has the ability to make our hardened hearts to be softened by His Words. And to show our seriousness that we want change in our lives, we have to make actions. Make actions to train ourselves to get used to pray. So when you have not done prayer, there will be an inner radar that reminds you of it.

“… Verily, Allah does not change the state of a people until they bring about a change in themselves…” [Ar Raad (13) : 11]

Do you know how long a pilot must be trained to get used to the cockpit? Do you know how long a bank employee to be trained (indoctrinized) on the routines of the bank activities? At least 3 months. But the pilot or the employee will be willingly do the training with boredom and emotional turbulences along the way. Why? Because they know it is worth it. The nice salary, the future, the good life.. all those result prediction will want them to face all the suffer 😀

Now, this is also about our future. If you don’t even pray, what kind of life will be waiting for you? Let’s imagine.

First, you will be in constant stress. You will never be in happiness, your emotions will never be stable. Maybe you think you are happy, or stable, but it is fake.. You might want to learn from the secular nations in the planet. The countries that their people’s lifestyle is considered as the defenition of happiness. Looking down on third world countries people, because their countries are called as the most successful countries in the world. Look at the reality of the community who separate religion from their lives. The numbers of people who suffer from depression is increasing day by day. Ironic. Why is that? Simple.

“… Verily, it is the remembrance of Allah alone that brings calm to the hearts.” [Ar Raad (13) : 28]

“Verily! I am Allah!  None has the right to be worshipped but I, so worship Me, and perform prayers for My Remembrance.” [Taha (20) : 14]

One of the effect of prayer is the rememberance of Allah, and by rememberance of Allah, our hearts find rest. Restful heart, happiness, no depression. Simple. Pure logic 😀

Second, if you dont pray, what kind of life partner will be waiting for you in the future? If that person can accept non-praying-muslim, what kind of muslim quality does he/she have? What kind of family are you planning to build? Depressed family? Depressed parents will raise depressed children. Depressed family doesn’t sound to be good. Think about it. 😉

Third, when you die, muslims have no obligation to pray upon you. Because you are a disbeliever. It like a car accidentally slide a dog on the street, if the driver is kind, he  will dig a hole and throw the dog in it. Or if he is in a hurry (not bad, just in a hurry 😀 ) he will just leave the body there, and another car will slide it over and over. Okay, you get the analogy? Don’t be mistaken, you are not the driver, you’re the dog. Your death as the non-praying-muslim is the same as the dog’s. (And don’t get me wrong, dogs are cute animals, for animal lovers, don’t curse me 😀 )

Fourth, you will be in hell-fire. Because you are among the disbelievers. You will be in-line for hisab with Pharaoh, Hitler, Jack The Ripper, and many other famous people in history. (Or you want to? To take their autographs, pictures, and shake their hands? -I don’t think so-) There are many pious people in history, too, let’s pray we will get in-line with them. 😀

I’m sure there will be many other negative things, but those will do. 😉

Let’s start with the understanding that our faith (iman) fluctuates. Sometimes we will feel like we have a very close attachment with Allah, sometimes we will be ignorant. So,what to do? This is what we should do, we must train ourselves not to leave the obligatory activities when our iman is down.

How? By doing more good deeds, not just the obligation, more than that. We have to push ourselves to do more sunna prayers. Nawafil, dhuha, witr, tahajud. Step by step increase it. Push ourselves to do it everyday for 3 months. When you fail one day, start back from day 1. Remind yourselves, by notes in the mirror, or reminders on your cellphone. Best way is, make a support group, tell a person you trust that they have the right to slap you in the face, or scream at your ears, when you leave prayers. Anything. 3 months, always do obligatory prayers, and try to increase the number of additional prayers. This will help us to make prayers as a habit. Just like sport, when you stop, you will want it, crave for it. By doing this, when your iman is down, you will probably leave dhuha, or nawafil, but never leave the obligatory prayers.

This 3 months training also will work for Qur’an reading. Set the minimum numbers of page, 3 months, don’t stop reading. You can read more, but never read less than what you have set. This will help you to make reading Qur’an as a habit. You will miss it when you leave it.

This training works for many people in every cases, not just religious matters, also for stopping doing cigarettes, sports, reading books, etc. 3 months. Set our numbers. And after that 3 months, set new higher numbers. Probably the time of prayers. Make it a habit to pray slow, not in a hurry. And then train our punctuality.

When we try, fight, and struggle to increase our qualities, Allah subhana wa taala will help. I’m sure. Allah will help us to build better attchments and open many doors for us to learn our deen better. Allah will guide us, when He see that we are seriously trying to make ourselves deserve the guidance.

Allah subhaanahu wa taala says “Take one step towards ME, I will take ten steps towards you. Walk towards ME, I will run towards you.” -Hadith Qudsi

May Allah help us, beautify our iman, and keep us estiqamah. Amin.

  1. #1 by rialive on March 26, 2011 - 10:39 pm

    @ Jenny : please keep coming!! 😀

    @ Aisyah : Alhamdulillah, I am so happy if you found it beneficial 🙂

  2. #2 by Aishah on March 26, 2011 - 8:44 pm

    alhamdulilah, i am so happy find ur blog.
    thak you so much, i need this.


  3. #3 by Jenni on March 7, 2011 - 1:25 pm

    I have frequented your post before. The far more I learn, the much more I maintain coming back! ;-P

  4. #4 by Nadia on February 20, 2011 - 9:05 pm

    Salam aleikum sister,
    as a reader of your blog, I have given you Stylish Blogger-award. You can read more about it in my blog, I hope you like it :). (You may need Google Translator to read the instructions.)

    • #5 by rialive on February 21, 2011 - 8:44 am

      Wa alaikum salam, sister Nadia..
      But my blog is not a fashion blog..
      Thank you so much and I will go look 😀

  5. #6 by miki on February 16, 2011 - 1:36 pm

    okay that’s a solution, thank you!
    i’m sick of doctrines without solution 😀

    • #7 by rialive on February 16, 2011 - 1:43 pm

      you’re welcome, Miki!
      no more leaving prayers for you, ok?!?!

  6. #8 by Halima on February 16, 2011 - 8:11 am

    Jezakallahu kheiran, Sis, for your kind words and encouragement.

    • #9 by rialive on February 16, 2011 - 9:15 am

      We sisters must support each other 😀

  7. #10 by Halima on February 16, 2011 - 5:40 am

    Asalaamu aleikum-

    Another great post, Sis, and so true. It’s hard enough to face reality ourselves sometimes, and be honest about our level of motivation , commitment and practice of deen. But also it’s hard- maybe harder- to get others to do the same.

    I’m a revert, alhamdulillah, and I know very well that if I don’t practice Islam, then I am not a muslim! But often times there are those, born and raised in a Muslim culture/family/country who think they are just muslims by default, even if they don’t do anything! What makes you a muslim, then? Having the name Mohammed or Fatima? Being from Saudia Arabia, Marocco or Indonesia? For example, my husbands relatives are from North Africa (I won’t say which country), they fast in Ramadan and don’t eat pork or drink alcohol- but that’s about as far as it goes. Maybe they see me as extreme, praying my salat, memorizing Qu’ran, wearing hijab (even around my sister-in-law’s husband and sons!) etc. Maybe they think a revert has no right to tell them what is their own religion. But we should fear Allah SWT and do as He has commanded, not follow others, culture, our nafs etc.

    • #11 by rialive on February 16, 2011 - 7:00 am

      Wa alaikum salam warahmatullahi wabarakaatuhu,

      SubhanAllah, sister Halima, one of the greatest revert of all time in Islam history is Umar bin Khattab (r.a)
      He was a revert, from a man who buried his daughter alive and proud about it, into the one of the person guaranteed to get the best places in el janna. MashaAllah.
      You have the right to make dawah as well.
      I am also sure that the best propagation is by action, dawah bil hal, so I hope, by watching you do all the best you can by time, it will be reminders of your family. InshaAllah.

      May Allah increases your iman, and be the reminders for your husband’s family.
      Allah bless you, sister Halima..

  8. #12 by mona on February 16, 2011 - 5:29 am

    I’m sharing this on my facebook 🙂

    • #13 by rialive on February 16, 2011 - 6:46 am

      Thank you, kak 🙂

  9. #14 by rasna on February 16, 2011 - 12:39 am

    i have no words to express my happiness ..
    this article is like a big motivating lesson by great personality..allhamdulillah

    this is what i expectingto push myself….
    definately i am muslim by birth,,but am wandering between muslim and mumin..
    this is boosted me to strong my that i willb pergfect mumin..whose imna was at best..

    hm what to say.

    First of all Thanks to Allah..
    hm..Mashallah,,subhanallah ,for a fantsatic article…
    u knw sis,,this is just perfectly for me 100%…
    i am veyr lazy guy..but i pray all prayers but biot lazy on more timings..

    i dint tasted the real fruitness of ibadah,,by this,,hm thank this words..
    i get back to myway on being a mumin..

    this words motivated me ..lottt..

    hm..what an examples..i hav to say my sis amazing..
    that was reality…we pray but not for us .just routine we pray to show we r muslim..
    tis is difference between me n nonbeliever..

    pilot and employee… wov… for my future i should train myself,,
    throw the lazyness get back to suffer …to make sure my career…

    we have to work for our true career this world and hereafter..

    the 4 points ,,is also grt..
    defntaely there is no need for prayer on my death if am i should comeback,,i hav to njoy fruits of my partner will be also follow my things..hellfire..Allahuma ajrana minnannar…ya Allah.. my training is in lazy..non interested abt career,,and definately da hellfire will b my career if i am not awake..

    thepints are gud,,
    iwll do it for me.. iread quran evryday,,but i start to set a goal n follow it..
    i iwll comeout from my lazyness and i will do more ibadah,,,,
    my goal is set now..
    it will strt from morning inshallah…

    i really salute you for this words waking me up..motivating me towards rytway..

    thank uverymuch ….
    May Almighty Allahbless u wid his live peace n lots of blessings..giv strength tomotivateall more n more..MMayAllah bless u wid best life n Jannah..
    pray for me,, to b a gudpilot of my career of dis world and Jannah..ameen

    • #15 by rialive on February 16, 2011 - 5:17 am

      I am happy you get a benefit from this post, bro.
      I do believe that we have to be used to the activities, and then the awareness of the importance will come later.

      We can’t get a close attachment with Allah if we don’t try to get it. It is a luxurious gift, that sort of attachment.
      Wallahu alam.

      This post a motivation for me too.
      I read it too, and pretend that it is written by someone else =)

      Thank you for your dua, may Allah reward you the same and more.
      Good luck with the goal, I know you can do it biiznillahi taala, and may Allah make it easy for us all to complete our goals.

  10. #16 by rialive on February 15, 2011 - 10:32 pm

    Wa alaikum salam 🙂
    Thank you for visiting, Abbas.
    Come again 😀

  11. #17 by Abbas on February 15, 2011 - 10:27 pm

    Asalm-o-Alekom dear Ria
    I like all these thing, except the picture u post.

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