The ‘Simba’ Lecture

I was just finished watching a very touching video by Shaikh Navaid Aziz, What would Simba do if Mufasa was alive?. Seriously I don’t know what is the relation between the title and the content of the lecture — probably I’m just having IQ disorder today — but it was amazing. In the lecture I was reminded not to be upset when something things are taken away from us. Because there are so many other things to be grateful for.

In some days we can get in a very bad mood only because the electricity went out for few hours, internet connection went slow, the waitress prepared the food too long, etc. In other parts of the world, people don’t even have clean water, only have electricity for 8 hours a day and some don’t even have it at all. I know that…. but I am so forgetful. Astaghfirullah 😥

And us, women, are really good in complaining, right? Well, I am on the Smile + Alhamdulillah Therapy, may Allah make it easier for me day by day. Amin. It is in our nature, to be so sensitive and dramatic 😳 , but that is our personal jihad, inshaAllah.*optimistic*

About being grateful, even if something is taken away from us, reminds me of the lesson I learnt few years ago from Shaikh Abdullah Gymnastiar. I will share it with you now.

This world is temporary, so we must know that very worldly things we have is possible to be temporary. Then live like a smiling parking lot officer. When an ugly car comes and the owner put it as your responsibility, smile. When a very highly expensive car comes and the owner put it as your responsibilty, smile. Parking lot officer is not being racist against cars. He takes all the responsibility with a smile. And when the owner of the cars wants to take the car back, the good ones or the bad ones, he will still smile.

Nothing you have is truly yours.

(Abdullah Gymnastiar)

Beautiful isn’t? 😥

In the end of the Simba lecture, Shaikh Navaid Aziz, suggested us to have a diary, to list 3 things that we are being grateful for everyday. We do this to soften our heart on realizing every blessings given upon us by Allah subhana wa taala. I think it is an amazing idea. It is using the power of positive affirmation!!

Finally, I am suggesting all my readers friend to join this Grateful Movement, so we can do this together, biiznillahi taala. May Allah make is easier for us.

O Allah, help me remember You, to be grateful to You,  and to worship You in an excellent manner…. Amin

  1. #1 by rasna on March 26, 2011 - 5:11 pm

    Inshallah.. i iwll try it my best… but i need also motivation..nice one,,but i idnt chcked the video yet..
    carry on..

    • #2 by rialive on March 26, 2011 - 10:41 pm

      The video is awesome, bro!
      Watch it immediately when you hv time!

  2. #3 by rialive on March 26, 2011 - 7:16 am

    @ Little Auntie : Alhamdulillah! 😀

    @ Jabeer : Wa alaikum salam warahmatullah wa barakaatuhu, thank you for takig your time visiting this blog, Jabeer. Amin for your dua. Come again!! 😀

    @ Meme : Kk gak pernah punya do. nanti la beli notes lucu ciek.. ihihihi (alasan utk belanja aja) 😀 Mari kita bersama2 me 🙂

  3. #4 by melisa on March 26, 2011 - 7:12 am

    me pernah baca tentang “mensyukuri” ini.. kita disuruh menuliskan apa aja yang membuat kita bahagia hari itu. dmn ya me baca.. lupa..
    dulu me punya diari tentang “syukur”. seburuk apapun hari kita, ternyata ada aja yang bisa di syukuri, meskipu cuma menikmati matahari pagi hari ini.. (waktu tu, sempat begitu surprise menyadarinya)

    sepertinya skrg me harus melanjutkan menulis diari syukur lg ya..
    makasih k, sudah mengingatkan kembali.. 🙂

  4. #5 by jabeer pd on March 26, 2011 - 6:30 am

    I for one trully appreciate your blogs. Trully Allah’s ways are amazing. Alhamdulillah for your inspiring posts from the knowledge of sunnat and quran, These posts or blog really helps us to increase our knowledge, Assalam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu.

    Those who do good deed Allah loves it.
    May Allah reward for your sincere efforts, Ameen.

  5. #6 by Little Auntie on March 25, 2011 - 11:36 pm

    Niceeee 🙂

  6. #7 by Christine on March 25, 2011 - 10:14 pm

    This is interesting, you are linking the modern method (affirmation) with religious acts. Or maybe you are indoctrinizing religious views using modern methodology?
    I bumped on your blog and you have some interesting posts.
    Keep it up!

    • #8 by rialive on March 25, 2011 - 10:55 pm

      Thank you for bumping. May I know how you get to my blog?
      And Christine, good for you to mention it.
      Positive Affirmation, is an ancient method, but it is a ‘newly package’ of motivational improvement commercials.
      If you please do some research, positive affirmation is the method used by Allah (God), everytime we make prayer.
      We will say praisings repetitively (that what affirmation is : saying something repetitively, or giving auto suggestion to oneself), to build awareness that we are the muslims (the people who is submitted to God alone)

      And about indoctinizing. I have very limited religious knowledge, so I am writing this to encourage myself 1st, if there are people out there got some positive thing from this blog, all praise be to God alone.

      I hope my explanation can satisfy you, and i really hope you will come back 🙂
      God bless!

  7. #9 by noni on March 25, 2011 - 10:08 pm

    I will join this grateful movement!
    Let see how long can I follow this 😀

    • #10 by rialive on March 25, 2011 - 10:43 pm

      I hope for a long time, Noni 😀

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