Nobody’s Perfect, So am I

I made a terrible mistake. In my previous post about polygyny, I posted a picture of hijabis doing demonstration against it. And I didn’t blur their faces. Astaghfirullah al adzim. I should not do that. I posted the picture to expose how we only want to practice religion in parts that we want to. But I should remember, Allah could have guided them and make them better. What makes me think I can put their faces on my blog. To prove that I am better than them? I am so arrogant.

If only Allah subhana wa taala has not been too kind, nobody would want to be friends with me, nobody would scream they love me, and even nobody would ever look at me. I am no better than anybody else.

“I asked the Messenger of God : Who is the best Muslim? The Messenger of God replied, “He is the one from whom Muslims are safe from the evil of his tongue and hands. (Muslim)

And I just made some clicks to humiliate some sisters. If I can humiliate some sisters in public, I have to be able to apologize in public as well. I am a very bad person. May Allah subhana wa taala forgive me.

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