Blessed Friday, Alhamdulillah

Alhamdulillah wasyukur bini’matillah. I can’t express my gratitude to Allah subhana wa taala enough today. Some people make me sad 😀 but as always, why share negative experience when we still can’t take lessons from them yet? 😉 Just share the positive ones. I now want to share you about a daughter of a (I’m sorry) a prostitute who was almost joined her mother’s footsteps. Alhamdulillahi Rabbal alamin, she gave me a very good news today 😀

Few years ago, I joined an outbond training of leadership. The outbond was great, no need to say, alhamdulillah. At that time, for a few days, I had a roommate, she is very pretty. On the first day, she barely talked at all. But then, out of nowhere, she asked me, why do I take ‘salah’ (prayer) too important? Zuher has wide intervals, we don’t have to do it right after the adhan (she said). She asked this because she saw me making protest to the organizer for making the schedule not so well-organized so then we had to delay ‘salah’. It’s ridiculous for me! And she didn’t understand it.

After the conversation, she began to ask more about me, specifically my Islam. I am very embarrassed to tell you now that I didn’t really tell her anything she wanted to know. I mostly answered, I am a newbie, you can ask this person or this person to answer the question 😳 Until she told me about her background. I was startled to know that she was planning to make prostitution as an acceptable profession for the society, so she needs to learn about how to move people to support her vision. What surprised me the most was, she was born muslim, from a muslim woman, who was (I’m sorry) a prostitute. I havdno idea, where did she get the news of the outbond? Why she is placed in the same room with me? Nothing is a coincidence, right?

Can you imagine, readers? How desperate it is for a muslim women to decide that she can’t do anything else than selling sex for money? We don’t even let random men touch our hands. What horrible experience she had to face until she decided that she is so worthless? How then, in that state of mental situation she raised her daughter? What kind of principles did she bring up through life? Please, for a moment, imagine. So then you can be grateful on how lucky you are.

Whatever our background is, we need to understand, we are all have universal standard, prostitution is wrong. This is not a debatable topic about all-black dress against colorful dress, not debatable topic like niqab or hijab. I  believe, even prostitutes know that prostitution is wrong, not a debatable topic. So what is wrong with these woman? What is it on their minds? Then I embraced myself to ask her in the most polite language I know, how come a muslim woman thinks it is acceptable to ‘sell’ herself? We discussed and discussed, until I come to conclusion, people had wrongly built concepts about God. Astaghfirullah.

Allah is Most Forgiving, Most Merciful, and Most Loving. They understand that. So when we try to drag people to what Islam really teaches, we have to look closely why they do their actions. At that time, I realized that prostitution one of her choice to get money, to support her living, livelihood. So then, I thought I had to make her understand that Allah Azza wa Jalla is The Controller of Sustenance, rizq. I told to my self will not stop until she decides she will not follow her mother footsteps and stop eating and drinking from haram (unlawful) money. Because Allah also has severe punishment for those who disobey Him. Astaghfirullah..

I’m not saying it was easy, only by the permission of Allah this all could have happened. Alhamdulillah, by the permission of Allah, she then no longer eat and drink from haram, and alhamdulillah… today, she called me and tell me she is now wearing hijab. She is now a hijabi, and is now supporting her mother (may Allah guide her to Islam) financially. Alhamdulillah, I am so happy.

So guys, never give up on people. Imagine if people had given up on us long time ago, and if Allah has not been so kind to us, where would we be now? Don’t be arrogant, we are now a muslim only by the permission of Allah. If only Allah has not been too kind, and never let us taste the beauty of Islam, our life will be worthless. SubhanAllah..

Never.. never give up on people.. 😀

  1. #1 by well on April 2, 2011 - 10:37 am

    Yes! Never give up in whatever you do.

  2. #2 by Little Auntie on April 2, 2011 - 1:39 am

    Sis, just wanted to let you know that I gave you an award on my blog. will be back later, inshaAllah to read this one 🙂

  3. #3 by Asma Khan on April 2, 2011 - 12:03 am

    Dear sister really motivational post. Islam is vast religion and trusting Allah as He is Razak, He says our rizk is on Him, even a worm in a stone gets his food so how can’t we get. So we must have firm faith and trust on Allah…

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