If Rasulullah (s.a.w) Knocks at Your Door

This poet was here for a while. I didn’t publish because it keeps my crying all the time. But today I feel like publishing this because I watched a video shared by a sister on my facebook. I hope this can inspire us all.

If only,
Rasulullah (s.a.w) knocked on your door without any notice,
to spend one day or two with you,
what will you do?

Will you hide your worldly books immediately?
Leave few Islamic books on your shelf,
your shelf will be almost empty…

Will you hide your magazines?
Immediately put the dusty Qur’an on your table.
It looks new, because you never open it.
It is dusty, because you never touch it.

Will you hide your MP3 player?
You have no time to put Qur’an recitation in it,
so just throw it under the bed, pretend you don’t have it.

Will you stop watching everything you used to watch?
The movies? The music shows?

Will you be happy if Rasulullah (s.a.w) told you,
he will stay with you longer….

If suddenly Rasulullah (s.a.w) spend a day or two with you,
will he smile unstoppably?
will he cry and walk away in disappointment?

It will be very interesting to know,
when Rasulullah (s.a.w), a man who thinks about us on his last breath
come and visit us.
How much will you hide?
Will your reality make him proud?

 Here’s the video. 

Note : I am also not perfect, I post this not to judge or question others, but only for myself. So I will always be motivated.

  1. #1 by Ayesha Haroon on April 22, 2011 - 9:57 pm

    OMG!! I just had my goosebumps..
    it really touched the heart.. 😥

  2. #2 by Layla on April 21, 2011 - 11:20 pm

    Awwwwh! 😥 I cried a little.

    This is a real wake-up call to me. I better stop wasting my time!

  3. #3 by Michael A on April 21, 2011 - 9:43 am

    My God, this gives me goosebumps, makes me feel embarrassed

  4. #4 by Aishah on April 20, 2011 - 10:41 pm

    sad but true…

  5. #5 by Mona Berliana on April 20, 2011 - 9:47 pm

    astaghfirullah….. 😥

  6. #6 by Nabila Hassan on April 20, 2011 - 9:02 pm

    beautiful, thanx for sharing the poem and video.
    really touched me 😥

  7. #7 by rasna on April 20, 2011 - 8:30 pm

    its alhamdulillah.. no words ukhti…. justt hinking myself and dumb….

  8. #8 by melisa on April 20, 2011 - 8:16 pm


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