Musafir Pet and Mango Tree

I’m sure you all know I love animals and plants. I now have 6 cats (two of them are adoptable) and over one thousand of pots of plants (no, I’m not exaggerating, I have garden of orchids, huge collection of cactuses, and many other plants alhamdulillah). But not only my cats, neighbor cats also come and play here, we don’t want our cats to miss out all the gossip around the kitty world, right? They need to hang around with other cats, to socialize 😀 Sometimes, some musafir (traveler) birds come and lay eggs or just play around the house. I know, my house is like a zoo 😀

And about a week ago I saw a bird come and go to the garden, I don’t really notice because birds used to lay eggs and leave when they hatch, the eggs were usually not too interesting. After a while the nest finished and I peeked in 😀 the eggs are pretty! MashaAllah! I am so curious to see how they will look like. Baby birdies! Aaaaah I can’t wait to see my new musafir pets.

Also the eggs are so small… It’s pretty, right? MashaAllah 😀

I had to be careful touching the eggs, because once a musafir pet came and laid eggs on my mango tree. I got curious and climbed to see the eggs, and I touched the egg (just out of curiousity is the eggs was heavy ot not, well of course it was not heavy it was so small and looks like chicken egg, not pretty at all) and I got too excited and the egg fell. I almost cried. But then I got smart and clean the mess so when the bird came, she would not know she just lost one egg and planned a revenge. Birds can’t count, right?

Speaking of mango tree, my mango tree is now productive!! Alhamdulillah! This is the first time she produces anything but leaves, that’s why I got excited. My late grandma from mom plant it and grandma from my dad cut the branches. Do you know that when your mango tree got so tall and not producing, you need to cut some of the branches? I didn’t!! 😯 Grandma is a genius! MashaAllah! And I counted the fruit, over 100 mangoes 😀 😀

I know, I know.. It’s too easy to make me happy. Alhamdulillah!!

  1. #1 by Aslam Hossein on June 2, 2011 - 9:58 pm

    Musafir pets.. That makes me laugh 😀 Good one!

  2. #2 by Tatiana on April 27, 2011 - 7:58 am

    Mango tree! They look yum yum yum!

  3. #3 by JCK on April 27, 2011 - 2:07 am

    Great to know you love cats! I love them too!

  4. #4 by Mona Berliana on April 26, 2011 - 8:32 pm

    Wow! mangoes!

  5. #5 by Michael A on April 26, 2011 - 8:06 pm

    ROFL @ musafir pet
    And the egg in interesting, does she sings too?

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