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Life is Simple

Living early marriage life is really challenging. Of course, this has a lot to do with us comparing ‘carefree’ single life with ‘full of responsibility’ marriage life. I’m not saying that being single is being irresponsible, but you all know what I mean 🙂

The most challenging issue that I am having is living in a rented house. Not just random rented house, but this particular house that we are renting. It only has one bedroom, a small bedroom, VERY small bedroom, okay, it explains everything, right? 🙂 But alhamdulillah we still can live in a house with a bedroom. I have a friend who rent a room after marriage, no kitchen, no everything, just one plain room. I also found out that there is no more place available to rent around my husband’s workplace. This house is only 2 minutes away, so that’s why he insisted to live here because I am pregnant, and it’s very easy for him to come home among his office hours to look after me. Sweet, isn’t?

So, two months ago, there was a house for sale. We were so interested. So we counted, and there is no way we can afford the house without taking a loan from a bank. Yes, the only option was taking a mortgage that will last for 15 years. We have sharia bank here, as the solution to stay away from riba. But it gets me thinking, riba or not, do we really want to be in debt for the next 15 years of our lives? How many couples have you known being so unhappy on their early years because of debt? Me, personally, know A LOT!! So, we decided not to take it. I was a bit sad, but I kept it for myself.

I want the house and as usual, I have to get what I want. That specific house, is still near my husband’s office, and it is placed in the town center. The house is not built yet, so the design is changeable. We couldn’t afford it but it is relatively cheap for an offer like that. So, what to do?

Allah is Rich. So I asked Allah for the house. I know that if Allah wants the house to be ours He will send us solutions from doors we never expected. Also, I calculate the amount of sadaqah I have to make to be able to buy the house. The sadaqah we make will be rewarded 700 times. So, just divide the cost of  the house to 700 to be the smallest amount of sadaqah you make. Simple isn’t?

And finally, alhamdulillah, Allah give me the house 🙂 We modified the design, and we paid the down payment. The rest inshaAllah will be paid after the house is 100% ready, probably on November or December. And on January my rent is over so it feels like destiny, subhanAllah.

Life is simple, right? 😉



My Life in Fast Forward


Assalaamu’alaikum warahmatullah wabarakaatuhu…

SubhanAllah I miss writing on my blog!! Alhamdulillah, my statistic and followers are growing in numbers eventhough I can’t understand why it happens… So, I guess it’s just fair to tell all of you what happened while I was gone 😀

So, remember my few last posts were about me wanted to get married? And finally I am!! My marriage is arranged, we know each other since we were kids (since we were cousins) so it is pretty easy to adjust. The nikah was on December 9th, and the wedding was on 11th. It was nerve wrecking, I was so stressed and nervous, but alhamdulillah it went pretty smoothly.

After nikah I move out to my husband’s on January to a city called Jambi. It’s 12 hours drive from my hometown, and the house is a rent. InshaAllah until December (or sooner, I hope) we will be moving to our house that is on the building process (this ‘house’ issue will get a post on its own, inshaAllah).

And plus!! I am 4 months pregnant!! Alhamdulillah!!
See, it’s like my life is dragged on fast farward. It feels like few minutes ago I was so stressed for being unmarried and still trying my best to hold on my principles. But Allah has been toooooooo kind!!

Please make du’aa for me. And yes, I am officially back!!


Thank You

I’ve been away for more than a week. I spent some quality time alone and with my family, alhamdulillah. I freed myself from texting, facebooking, mailing, and blogging. But alhamdulillah I still write some very serious articles, inshaAllah I will post after polishing them here and there.

Spending my time alone, laying and just calculate what I had accomplished all this time, I realized, I owe so much for my teachers in Islam. I grew up in Christian neighborhood, secular education, and non practicing surroundings. May Allah bless all my teachers in Islam, all the Shaikhs who helped me a lot in my life, weather they know it or not, with their lectures and inspirations.

I can’t say much, I truly owe them for everything. Jazakumullah khair, everyone. Much love!


Ima Cinderella

My little brother, Rio, took a day off. And like me, he loves to clean. I’ve been working since 7 a.m and now it’s 1.12 p.m. Taking a break to lunch, pray and sip a coffee.. And sing the song we composed when we were kids, the title, Ria Rio 😀 😀

Feels like Cinderella, but no flying fairy with magic wand, only the cleaning part 😀 But it’s fun when you do it with Rio, he is so funny… And I can give him the heavy Cinderella stuff, cleaning the bathroom. Yay!

Got to go continue cleaning! Spiriiiiiiit! :mrgreen:


Musafir Pet and Mango Tree

I’m sure you all know I love animals and plants. I now have 6 cats (two of them are adoptable) and over one thousand of pots of plants (no, I’m not exaggerating, I have garden of orchids, huge collection of cactuses, and many other plants alhamdulillah). But not only my cats, neighbor cats also come and play here, we don’t want our cats to miss out all the gossip around the kitty world, right? They need to hang around with other cats, to socialize 😀 Sometimes, some musafir (traveler) birds come and lay eggs or just play around the house. I know, my house is like a zoo 😀

And about a week ago I saw a bird come and go to the garden, I don’t really notice because birds used to lay eggs and leave when they hatch, the eggs were usually not too interesting. After a while the nest finished and I peeked in 😀 the eggs are pretty! MashaAllah! I am so curious to see how they will look like. Baby birdies! Aaaaah I can’t wait to see my new musafir pets.

Also the eggs are so small… It’s pretty, right? MashaAllah 😀

I had to be careful touching the eggs, because once a musafir pet came and laid eggs on my mango tree. I got curious and climbed to see the eggs, and I touched the egg (just out of curiousity is the eggs was heavy ot not, well of course it was not heavy it was so small and looks like chicken egg, not pretty at all) and I got too excited and the egg fell. I almost cried. But then I got smart and clean the mess so when the bird came, she would not know she just lost one egg and planned a revenge. Birds can’t count, right?

Speaking of mango tree, my mango tree is now productive!! Alhamdulillah! This is the first time she produces anything but leaves, that’s why I got excited. My late grandma from mom plant it and grandma from my dad cut the branches. Do you know that when your mango tree got so tall and not producing, you need to cut some of the branches? I didn’t!! 😯 Grandma is a genius! MashaAllah! And I counted the fruit, over 100 mangoes 😀 😀

I know, I know.. It’s too easy to make me happy. Alhamdulillah!!


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