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special effect : ria lishariyani 😀

Girls, stop feeling guilty after when you eat chocolate, okay..
Chocolate is not your non-mahrams,
eating chocolate is not a sin,
loving chocolate will not make us pregnant..
chocolate is vegetable,
it comes from a tree,
tree has leaves,
leaves are green.

– ria lishariyani –



New Page & Award

A while ago, I watched the news with a friend, a muslima. In the news, it was the interview of a niqabi in France. She said, “Look, she dressed like a terrorist! Of course that thing is banned.” I was given a heart attack.

Why are we so numb by our sister’s pain? Why we feel nothing when we see a picture of hijabi mother holding her child, crying because she was dragged out from their home. Why we point our fingers to sisters who still understand so little about Islam, make them cry because our words drive them further from Islam.

So then me and my friends created a page : Sisterhood, How Muslimah Lives All Around The World. Not only to know each other’s uniqueness, but also to build up love and compassion. The more we know our sisters, the more we love them, the easier it gets to be attached to their pain, to hold each other’s hand and and united in Islam. So if you have FB account, please like the page and share me your insights about how muslimah lives at your place, inshaAllah 😀


And also a sweet sister Blue Pearl gave me an award, for one of the coolest blog she ever knew. I am flattered.. Her blog is so inspiring and I’m so honored to receive this from her, alhamdulillah.

I have to tell you something about me… Well, I’m so excited for this new page and I am positive that this is going to be big, inshaAllah. And then, something about me, I drink almost a liter (sometimes more) milk a day 😀 I really love milk and chocolate

And I pass this award to :
Vanilla Ice Cream Floats
, Space of Thoughts, Little Auntie, Aishi Lely, Ummi of Ammi,
Spill Beans, The Colours of My Life, No Ordinary Day

I seriously think the ladies deserve it. Much love! !


Musafir Pet and Mango Tree

I’m sure you all know I love animals and plants. I now have 6 cats (two of them are adoptable) and over one thousand of pots of plants (no, I’m not exaggerating, I have garden of orchids, huge collection of cactuses, and many other plants alhamdulillah). But not only my cats, neighbor cats also come and play here, we don’t want our cats to miss out all the gossip around the kitty world, right? They need to hang around with other cats, to socialize 😀 Sometimes, some musafir (traveler) birds come and lay eggs or just play around the house. I know, my house is like a zoo 😀

And about a week ago I saw a bird come and go to the garden, I don’t really notice because birds used to lay eggs and leave when they hatch, the eggs were usually not too interesting. After a while the nest finished and I peeked in 😀 the eggs are pretty! MashaAllah! I am so curious to see how they will look like. Baby birdies! Aaaaah I can’t wait to see my new musafir pets.

Also the eggs are so small… It’s pretty, right? MashaAllah 😀

I had to be careful touching the eggs, because once a musafir pet came and laid eggs on my mango tree. I got curious and climbed to see the eggs, and I touched the egg (just out of curiousity is the eggs was heavy ot not, well of course it was not heavy it was so small and looks like chicken egg, not pretty at all) and I got too excited and the egg fell. I almost cried. But then I got smart and clean the mess so when the bird came, she would not know she just lost one egg and planned a revenge. Birds can’t count, right?

Speaking of mango tree, my mango tree is now productive!! Alhamdulillah! This is the first time she produces anything but leaves, that’s why I got excited. My late grandma from mom plant it and grandma from my dad cut the branches. Do you know that when your mango tree got so tall and not producing, you need to cut some of the branches? I didn’t!! 😯 Grandma is a genius! MashaAllah! And I counted the fruit, over 100 mangoes 😀 😀

I know, I know.. It’s too easy to make me happy. Alhamdulillah!!


♥ Inspiration Award ♥

Alhamdulillah, I got another award for my blog 😀 And I am so grateful to Allah subhana wa taala for giving me such a beautiful sisterhood from blog world. Many of them had inspired a lot, compare to them, seriously don’t think I am near on being inspirative yet. I need your support, critics,and dua to be able to get better by time, biiznillahi taala. So, the rules is as followed..

1. Thank and link back to the person that awarded this to you. 🙂

2. Link posts by you and fellow bloggers that YOU find inspirational.

3. Give the award to 10 fellow bloggers!

Thank you Little Auntie, for thinking that I deserve the award. I am truly happy. I couldn’t wait until I finished my workout to post this, mashaAllah. May Allah increase your iman and keep you estiqamah to spread the beauty of our deen, and inspires many to do the same. May Allah love us even more by this ukhwah we are inshaAllah having for the the sake of His love only. Jazakillah khairan, darling

I don’t know which post of mine inspires people, it’s up to the readers to decide. And for the inspirational blogs for me, I suggest you guys to just look up these links I am giving the award to. Then you’ll know why I found it hard to decide 🙂

1. Mai To The Extreme
2. Siraat-e-Mustaqeem
3. No Ordinary Day
4. Ramblings Of a Muslim Wife
5. Blue Pearl
6. Polygamy 411
7. American Woman’s Journey into Polygyny
8. Space of Thoughts
9. Teaching Kids The Holy Qur’an
And last but not least… *drum roll*
10. Little Auntie

As you can see, I love to see the thoughts of experienced women, with marriage, polygyny, cooking, etc. Well, even with my sad experience, I do believe that I will be married someday, biiznillahi taala. These woman who manage those blogs upthere had inspired me a lot to learn and love Islam more. Be prepared of what it is to come 😀 As for the link number 9, it belongs to a man. The blog gives such inspirational methods to teach Qur’an to kids, mashaAllah.

And for Little Auntie, I can’t skip you for this award eventhough you received it already. You got two inspirational awards, but hay sisters, you deserve it! MashaAllah!

Wassalamu alaikum, all.


Stylish Blogger Award

Sister Nadia of Kattona taivas awarded me with the Stylish Blogger Award! Sister Nadia is my reader, she came and visit regularly, even I don’t visit her blog much (because her blog is in Finnish 😀 ). She always took time to leave lovely and supportive comments. So, thank you, sister Nadia!! Much love!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥!!

This is quite surprising because I have seen some beautiful blogs received this award, and honestly I didn’t expect that I will get one, because my blog is very common, nothing stylish about it 😳 But I guess by time people will start to run out of the stylish blogs and then have to send the award to whatever blogs they can think of *laugh* 😀 But I am grateful, alhamdulillah. It means that no matter how common my blog is, there is somebody out there (sis Nadia 😀 ) who thinks it’s worth the award, and hopefully get benefit from it, inshaAllah 😀

So, I hope google translator translated it correctly 😀 These are the rules on receiving the award.

1. Thank and send back a link to the person who gave you the prize.
2. Share with seven things about you.
3. Reward 15 new found great blog administrator.
4. Please contact the above blogs to tell them the prize.

7 things about me? 😀 Well, there are posts about my random things, 99 truths and 9 wierd things 😀 but I think I have 7 more to share. Here we go:

1. I drink a lot of milk. Some days I can drink more than a liter of milk.
2. When I was a kid, I want to be one of the power rangers. Red ranger. 😀
3. I am thinking of buying a new cell-phone (blackberry or android), because many of my friends make fun of my so cheap cell-phone. But everytime I visited cell-phone center, I keep hesitating spending money on it.
4. I love to bake cakes. It’s been a while for me not to bake anything, I kinda miss it. 🙂
5. I am from West Sumatra, and this place is famous for the spicy food, but I don’t really like eating spicy food, it makes me sweating and tired after eating. 😀
6. Right now, I am eating cheese crackers together with my cat, Siu.
7. I am now craving for banana split. I think I will go to have it in a cafe this afternoon. 😀

Finally, I want to give the award to the following blogs : Welcome To Safa School, Anthropolicious, The Life and Times of a Bradistanian Muslimah, Little Auntie, I am Farsilla, Ramblings of a Wuslim Wife, Blue Pearl, All My Wonders, No Ordinary Day, Mama Mona, Mai To The Extreme, My Life as a Muslim Convert, Space Of Thoughts, Jamerican Muslimah’s Veranda, and Vanilla Ice Cream Floats.


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