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Personality Plus & Personality Puzzle

Since the post Stop Your Ukhuwah, I tried harder to finish this book review. I will try to make it as simple as possible and still making you all curious about these books. These books are written by Florence Littauer. I suggest you all to read Personality Plus before Personality Puzzle. The books are tied to one another and really helps us to understand ourselves and others. Because, wether we like it or not, we have to communicate with people. We have to deliver our message to them and hope they can understand it. Sometimes, we easily give up and think the devil inside this certain person is too fat, can’t get rid of it easily 🙂 But think about it, is our communication failed because people are too stupid to understand us, or our methods are wrong? Usually the methods, right? 😀

On these books, we will find out the basic character of human being. What motivates people and how to deliver message to them. But mostly, the books will help us to categorize ourselves. By understanding ourselves, we know when we reject the truth out of selfishness and we know when we want people to do what we want for the sake of righteousness or only for the sake of  proving we are better than them. When we practice this by ‘studying’ people around us, we would know what their characteristics almost instantly only by the clothes they wear, the missing buttons of their shirt, how their body moves when they talked, etc. Seriously, this is a very interesting book to read. And, we know what is our emotional qualities and weaknesses and how to make them as power. Because when we have very little understanding of ourselves, it is going to be harder for us to understand others and deliver our message.

Florence explained in these books, that there are 4 basic characters or personalities of human being, they are sanguine, choleric, melancholic, phlegmatic. This truly can help us interact better. For example, a choleric who is naturally aggressive might want to be softer when he wants to deliver his message to an anxious melancholic. Or a passive phlegmatic will realize when his passive and easy to be satisfied personality distract him from better chances in life. You know, things like that 😀 The simple quadrant of the characters can be shown like the following pictures, but as always, books are better than the movies and books are better than the reviews 😀

The book also have personal test at the back and the numbers are pretty accurate. Seriously these books are fun!! This will make you understand your employees, friends, family, and everybody better. This will help you to decide which ways are best to deliver your message to people.

Since I am trapped on making my blog as Islamic one, I will share again this article that explains how Rasulullah salallahu alaihi wasalam understands his people precisely. These books are not holy books, but they can help us better in manner, and making our point to people. When we deliver the truth to others in ways they can’t accept, it will be useless. We are a complex emotional  creation. Which is cool 🙂

And after taking the test, I am a combination of sanguine-choleric. That’s why it is hard to talk to me sometimes. I am so stubborn and would aggressively debating, sanguine is talkactive and choleric is aggressive? (I am better now by the way 😀  ) Have you read the books? Tell me, which one are you?



127 Hours

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I watched this movie few days ago. I am late, I know. I didn’t watch movies for over a month, didn’t get a chance to. 😀

This movie based on a true story of a male version of Dora The Explorer, without the monkey 😉 This man, Aron Ralston, got stuck on a cave for days with very limited water and food (he even had to urinate himself to survive! Ewww!). Being alone and having a near death experience, one will remember the errors they made.

This is a very nice reminder on how important is to keep a continous communication with our family, specially the parents. And always remember the force of something bigger than ourselves, no matter how comfy and settle our lives are. Very nice. 😀

The best thing about this movie is, it is dominated with one man scene, like the one played by Tom Hanks, Cast Away, and it still can make us fully awake (and even enjoying the story) to the last minute. And the amazing angles of the scenes make it so realistic.

Nice one! Personally, I think one of the best movies I’ve ever watched.


Alhamdulillah. We should all be grateful to Allah subhana wa taala for the facilities around us that allow us to learn more about our religion easier. I can’t imagine living few centuries ago, where people need to invest so much time and money only to learn few things about the religion.

Now, books are very easily found, in every language. Scholars are everywhere, we can easily choose the ones we personally like and ask them anything. Internet is cheap and accessible everywhere. Our life is so full of facilities and we should be grateful, alhamdulillah.. Isn’t it an awesome fact?

And the best facility we are having today is no other than the internet. We use  it so much. I don’t have to show statistics to explain how internet is so widely used all over the planet. So it is very shameful if we don’t use it for our highest personal priority. Our Islam, our iman. For the greatest gift Allah subhana wa taala has given us is the Islam. I seriously don’t know what I did to make me feel like deserving this blessing. I do not want to change it with anything in the world, inshaAllah. By internet, we can watch lectures, download books, and even interact with scholars so far away. MashaAllah..

So, enough with my explanation, you all know that, inshaAllah 😀 I am now suggesting you all to register yourself in It is a community, I guess, for registered people to get videos regularly. The videos are short but very beneficial.

The good thing about Navaid Aziz is, he does not scream when he talks. I can’t stand screaming men giving lectures, it stresses me out 😀 He is also very funny, and smile a lot 😀 Don’t we all just love smiling people? Also, for facebook users, Navaid Aziz also has a page, where he regularly also posts advices, and you can even ask him anything on the page, he is very interactive. You can also find many videos of him in youtube, just type his name, and bunch of lectures will come up. SubhanAllah, I am a fan 😳

Finally, may Allah subhana wa taala make it easier for us to get knowledge to be closer to Him,  build better relationship and attachment with Him. Amin, Allahuma amin.. Friday mubarak, everyone! Have a blessed one, biiznillahi taala 😀


2,222… Lovely and Scary Number

Salam Alaykum, all..

Maybe some will say I’m over-reacted 😳 but yes, I blog for almost 2 months now (53 days). I saw this morning that in 10 days, I got 1111 more visitors. Alhamdulillah..

I am happy and scared in the same time. This means many people read my blog, read what I write. This is a responsibility for me to be really really careful of everything I write. We will be asked for responsibilities over this blog. Yes, even Allah knows internet. His power is above all things. MashaAllah..

May Allah protects us all from riya’ (رياء), it is very  easy for us to be poisoned by it. Nauzubillahi.. Arogant, bigheaded.. please go away.. Ya Rabb.. Protect us, please..

Pray for me, guys. And remind me where I went wrong.. May Allah bless us. Amin.. This is not just for time-killing, this is another form of dawaa, and another ways to build sisterhood, inshaAllah…


1,111 Is A Lovely Number

Time flies when you’re having fun 😀 That is so true. This morning, I visited my blog and found that I got 1,111 visits already, after 43 days of blogging, it is almost two months now, mashaAllah. I was surprised because I didn’t expect it would be this soon for this blog to get over than 1000 visits. I am so happy, alhamdulillah 😀

And then I clicked my ClusterMaps, I then got shocker :shock:! This cluster map is only 10 days old! I got visits from many countries in the world. Walhamdulillah…

I hope, this progress will never turn me into a bigheaded person — na’uzubillahi — . I should always remember why I started this blog — rather than writing my thoughts in papers any longer — in the first place. For my archieves can be saved neatly, and so I can get criticism from many people where do my contemplations go wrong and when do I started to change into that arogant person who blogs only to make their lives as a show. Astaghfirullah..

For my readers, always send me your critics to my mail, and remind me where I went wrong. InshaAllah I try my best to be a better muslima to deserve The Ultimate Love from The One and Only Allah subhaana wa taala.

May Allah reminds always that everytime anyone get a benefit from this blog, it is only because Allah loves them, not because of my intelligence, my iman, or my greatness. All praises that I got from this blog, may I always be reminded that all those beautiful compliments belong to Allah only. And may I always be reminded to always watch what I post.

Pray for me, peoples 😀 Thank you so very muchly for visiting..


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