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Salam alaikum,

Thank you for stopping by my site.

My name is Ria. In this world, I love flowers (specially orchids), cats, chocolates, milk, good books, good food, I’m so in love with red maroon… well, I can go on and on and on saying everything I love. 😀 The point is : it’s easy to amuse me, because I love just about anything! -Alhumdulillah, yay!!-

I used to write my thoughts on paper, I really love my handwriting 😉 But then seeing sisters and friends have their blogs, tempted me. I feel like having a blog is very effective, to keep my archieves neatly collected, and I can share with others, too! So then, on November 8th 2010 I had a blog!

In this website, I write everything that moves me, motivates me, makes me happy, well… almost everything 😀 I –sometimes– have a very annoying sense of humour, and my thoughts might surprise people (they even surprise me too sometimes :D) But one thing will inshaAllah be the same, my love for Islam, Allah, and His Messenger.

So, welcome.

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