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Zulhendri Rais

Ayesha Haroon
Diari Tusty
Prabu Nusantara
Muhammad Mustolihin
Dyan Eka Putri

Public Figures Who Blog

Quraish Shihab
Moutasem al Hameedy
Jalal ibn Saeed
Chappy Hakim
Paulo Coelho
Maniac Muslim
Gede Prama

Blog Walking

Amber Misk
American Woman’s Journey into Polygyny
Mai To The Extreme
My Life as a Muslim Convert
Thoughts of a First Wife
Polygyny – My Life Trials
Polygamy 411
The life and times of a Bradistanian Muslimah
Space Of Thoughts
Ramblings Of A Muslim Wife
All My Wonders
Jamerican Muslimah’s Veranda
Spill Beans
Blue Pearl
Little Auntie
Old Muslim Woman In the Shoe
I am Farsilla
Vanilla Ice Cream Floats
Rukhpar Mor
No Ordinary Day
The Colours Of My Life
Ummi of Aami, Muslimah Mommy!
Aishi Lely
Writings On Parchment
The Zenith of Enthusiasm
Time For Me To Live
Saudi Jeans
In The Kingdom, Not A Princess
Susie’s Big Adventure
Saudi’s Woman Weblog
Sand Gets In My Eyes
Sami’na Wa Atha’na
True and Good Words

Words Of Love
Teaching Kids The Holy Qur’an
Sheikhy Notes
Malonama, Unique Like Everyone Else

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